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Dinos to war!

:grimacing: The dinos are going to war! Which ones would beat the others, have an alliance with another, and the hybrids! Pick any one(s)

  • Flyers
  • Tank crushers(The heavy hitters)
  • Speedsters
  • Distracted
  • Draco
  • Counters
  • Tanks

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  • Hybrid tank crushers
  • Hybrid flyers
  • Hybrid distracters
  • Hybrid speedtsers
  • Hybrid draco
  • Hybrid counters
  • Hybrid tanks

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The alliances between two of them are going to be your decision!

Mine would be between distracters and tank crushers!

Speedsters are winning the war so far!
But it is just the beginning…

Looks like some are catching up, sorry about no immune, I thought they would be to op in war, since the blow of the effect you give them goes away.

Is there a team consisting of Thor pro and dracoceratops? I think it’ll win lol

What about the immunes?

Srry, can’t change that now…

Digging in at the trenches, the others are doing fine job at slowing down the speedsters! But they are still advancing!

Speedsters for life.

Wait crud I didn’t pick any others! FRICK!

Hit the hide results bottom, then can edit your votes.

Ok thanks! (10 chars)

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Tank crusher hybrids are catching up in the battle of the sanctuary!

And a tie between tank crushers and speedsters in the battle of the normally high boosted dino sanctum
( Name sucks because boost are in it.)

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Battle of the Sanctuary" I love it lol.

Battle of the sanctuary is going on still for the hybrids. The speedsters are really taking hits and killing the others…:dizzy_face:

After continued fighting, they hit a stalemate.