Dino's values


Can someone please explain to me how you are supposed to beat a T-rex with the value of 30 to be able to play in the tournament when none of your dinosaurs have a value over 15


You have 3 dino’s. And most Dino’s get first go against Trex.

You have a chance. Trex has no armor of duffs or shield and is not immune to your duffs. Sure it really depends on your team especially if it’s really low.


When you have nothing higher than a 15 it’s kinda hard no Matt what to beat a 30. And yes you are correct about what dinosaurs it might be at 15 but no not mine highly disappointed and I have never complained about anything in this game.


Levels aren’t as important as just using the right dinos. As said, if you use something that decreases it’s attack, like Monolophosaurus then use some raptors to clean up the rest it should be pretty easy. You don’t have to beat it to play in the tournament though.


But not all Strike Events meant to be for everyone.There will be time that will put a Legendary Strike event that can be accomplished only by few(top 500 perhaps).


Did it with a 12 Spinotahraptor, 12 Pyroraptor and 11 Utahraptor. Started with spino, hit him for 2xdmg + 2 turns of 50% dmg reduction, he killed it in one shot regardless, pyro used pounce, and the 50% from pounce and second turn of spinos dmg reduction changend his dmg to 0, then the 1.5x jump attack, then finished him off with utahraptor pounce. No crits from me, just basic dmg. Definatly manageable.(Sorry for the lacking skill names, not using the english version)