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Dinos vs Buildings


I have been phasing buildings out of my park. Simply put, they just cannot generate coins as quickly as a Dino paddock for the space they consume. Even the best buildings are mediocre compared to a decent Dino paddock.

For example, the humble triceratops poddock for me is generating about 47,000 coins every five minutes for a 5x5 space with decoration multipliers of 250 percent.

I have less than 30 buildings in my park. Mostly solar greenhouses clustered in the Cenozoic and aquatic areas. While phasing out buildings I also ended up needing only three revenue towers. Pretty much all my paddocks are 250-300% multiplied.

Has anyone else mostly removed buildings in favor of more multipliers on their paddocks from decorations? I’m generating coins so fast it’s difficult to keep under control.


I have the maximum amount of paddocks out 99, then fill in with buildings after all decorations have been placed, I use all the revenue towers and are situated on paddocks / buildings that have a generation time of 3hrs or less, the rest of everything gets picked up by my beacon that covers almost my entire park the way I have it set up. I generate north of 100,000,000 coins a day with my set up and it is only getting higher as I hatch more creatures. Paddocks > Buildings all day long. If I could I would put more paddocks out and remove all the buildings, but Ludia likes to keep them in Dinosaur jail :frowning:.

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Apparently there is a limit on buildings as well. I have an army of Hammond memorials that ran me over the limit. I replace them with clock towers as I get them. My park generates around 123mil a day, and growing as I keep hatching everything I can.