Dinos which are not worth to use

Some of the Dinosaurs in the game are not worth.

Take a look at Bonitasaura, it’s the weakest and lamest Dino in the game. The only use of it is to create a hybrid out of it

Exactly. That’s why people make lv 40s out of it. Also it’s a common, so it probably would suck if you are a high level player who has lv 10 VIPs.
Weakest dino in the game, ferocity-wise, is Tuojiangosaurus.

Everybody has to start somewhere, so you need to have creatures in the game that a lvl 1 player is able to obtain. That’s also why we have events from time to time where you have to use commons. There’s something satisfying, IMO, as well at completely filling a paddock to capacity. Even playing for a full year, I’ve only reached that point fairly recently with some of the commons, and have a ways to go yet on any of the rares (since I don’t ever buy them, just hatch whatever I get).


All the dinos can be useful at some point, like during the specific rarity battles but, other than that you will probably not use most of the dino’s you collect. I think collecting most of the normal dino’s and leveling them up promotes good progression of the game though.

However if you have VIP and have easier access to VIP dino’s and other stronger dinos from earlier points in the game then it’s possible a lot of the dino’s super rare and below are not going to be overly useful as far as PvE and tournament battles are concerned but they are still fun to collect.

I think a lot of the “usefulness” of dinos comes from how you choose to build your dino collection. If you jump the gun and make or collect some dino’s that are significantly higher in ferocity than most others that you have, you may end up chasing to get other dino’s in that range, making some just below that range seem rather useless or not worthwhile (for the time being).

Kinda how my Cenozoic is right now. I have a handful of VIP’s and even at low levels they are stronger than some of the lvl 40 super rares so why bother even creating them right now? However there are a lot more dino battles than Cenozoic so you can get away with a shallow Cenozoic pool more easily.


Alangasaurus is cheaper but stronger than spino

Is Suchomimus worth? It’s like only 411 damage. Postosuchus being a Super rare has 402 damage at lvl 40 which is great and costs less than Suchomimus

My level 40 Suchomimus is the lead off creature for my Dominator League runs. I use Postosuchus toward the beginning of Predator League


Thanks. 10 characters.

What Kenobi said about Suchomimus, It’s health is good and it’s attack is ok enough to deal some damage plus it is not very expensive as far as DNA is concerned and it’s hybrid is the cheapest Legendary hybrids.

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