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Dino's with swap in moves don't make sense


Currently the way Swap In moves are distributed are to mostly common and a few rare Dino’s. Of course everyone has come across someone with a Dracorex G2. In my opinion however, especially with rarer species of non-gen2 Dino’s the swap in doesn’t make sense. Draco G2 is better than G1 purely because of the swap in. G1 had a swap in strike. Other examples. Irritator G2 has swap in defense shattering strike but the G1 doesn’t have a swap in at all. Same with Baryonyx G2 and 1.

I think that the rarer version of the dinosaur should be better versions of those Dino’s. Omitting a swap in or nullifying it on the higher up tiers makes no sense cuz the rarer version should be better than the common right?

Wanna know your thoughts on this.

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