Dinos with win/loss score

like some mobas have like lol or smite you characters have number of wins and losses, i think it would be pretty cool if this could be put in with your dinos. Could be cool to see which dinos you tend to win with or lose with. dont know if this has been posted before but oh well if it has


what if you swap them out?

I think I see where OP is going with this…

They don’t mean individual dinos during a match, but each creature overall. Like, if you had Indom, I-Rex, Stegodeus, Gorgosuchus, Megalosuchus, Suchatator, Tragodist, and Monomimus on your team, you’d see out of the battles they’ve individually been in how often you win or lose with that particular dino on your team. A match win would be a win for the four on the team, and a loss for all four when you lose.

At least, if I’m interpreting OP’s intentions correctly. I could be 100% off on that admittedly!

idk… in that case, it should just be your individual record then.

maybe if they swap its a loss.

Again, if I’m interpreting OP correctly, swapping or individual actions during a battle wouldn’t specifically affect a dino’s W/L, it would be a group effect. Either you win and everyone that was part of that match gets the W, or you lose and everyone that was part of that match gets the L.

I could see some limited use for it…see which dinos you potentially perform better with, or what overall team you seem to do the best with.