Dinos you HATE - but use anyway

After a few observations on the forum that you apparently are not allowed to point out, I thought I would broaden the topic and put it to the posting public at large.

Do you run with any dinos that you absolutely abhor, but feel obligated to use because they’re “meta”?

Why do you hate them? Why do you feel you need to use them?

(And PLEASE let’s not turn this into another DC bashing thread - if you hate it and use it, well, we all know why you hate it, but why do you use it?)

Full disclosure - Me? I hate thor, erlidom, utarinex, tryko, and magna. NONE are on my team. I mostly hate them because of the very linear move sets they all have. The progression is mind-numbingly predictable, and therefore not very strategic in my book. Plus, having a great counter to any of them can really topple an opponents plan and turn a battle my way.

Let the fun begin…


Not that this critter is OP, may not even be meta as I rarely see it, but … Tyrannolophosaur. I like its design, but its low speed make it get run over by pretty much everything. That’s why he’s mostly the meatshield when my ankylocodon isn’t around to play that role. On the rare occasion when i can bring him in and deal some shield/armor breaking damage to set up for a Kapro ambush, he does well. I’d use Tryostronix instead as a shield/armor breaker, but the ingredients for it are too difficult to acquire for me.

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I hate Thor and refused to create it until just recently. I just added it to my team because I went from having 1 weak creature on my team (stegod) to having 2 weak creatures on my team since the evasive nerf (indo) and I needed to replace 1 of them with a heavier hitter to give my team a little more attack power.

I chose thor because it hits hard, breaks sheilds, pierces armor and has that instant charge. Not to mention I already had a ton of the DNA to create it and level it up, plus my DNA requests always get filled for Tarbo and Allo since most of my alliance members already have a level 30 so it will be easy to keep leveling.

Was tempted to add DC in place of indo but I think I’ll go a different route. Just trying to figure out a good replacement still.

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I agree Thor, Rinex, sometimes Dilor and Magna are getting to the point where they are mindless to use. Tryko and Tenonto are a little more fun because of the planning involved.

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At first I vehemently hated Dracoceratops with a passion. However after progressing up levels, I notice that having a Dracocera on the team is necessary, because it has been used frequently especially in Sorna Marshes. I use it as either an implement of punishment for my opponent’s ignorance or just a means to fight fire with fire

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I used to disapprove of thor when it came out. Before its arrival, only tryko that was classed as unique chomper. But then realized thor is a force to be reckoned with despite the uncomplicated playstyle.
I used to hate on erlidom because the player who ran it could singelhandely demolish my whole team. However it had been no longer a threat once i developed enough armored force.
I used to get infuriated on diloracheirus because most of them are in higher level than mine so there wasn’t anything practical I could do to stop it. Now I have it on max level, and I can do exactly the same.

But IMHO, that one thing with ubiquitous DNAs involved and does surekill in its one and the only style is out of any rational and logical application belonging to this game. And yet still exists up to date, that’s beyond questionable.

I came around in a similar fashion to dilocheirus. I never liked it much, but had a lot of dilophosaurus DNA, and I needed something to play with for countering thor. Its two rampage moves tipped the scales its way. I used it for a while, but benched it rather quickly to put indom back in. (I also got procera to team level and boosted for survival and damage, but realized I was stacking things too heavily just to counter one dino, so procera hit the bench again for dio).


I always love when I have tenonto out and have just taken something out - and they bring in dilocheirus.

Will it distract? If so, I can use superiority, cleanse it, and slow them down!
Will it superiority? If so, I can just rampage and take them out!

Total guessing game.


I dislike a few dinos: back when the Raptor meta was on fleek, I disliked V-Raptor. So instead of her, I used Pyroraptor or Pyrritator.

Then when Stegod came into play back in its Armor-Piercing-Rampage days, I disliked her a bit - bit I still used her, even after the transfer from APR to a normal Rampage.

Nowadays, it’s Indo, Thor, and Tryko. The crits+boosts game is too real, despite the nerf. But… I want to create Tryko. I’ve aspired to get her since she existed. So perhaps I might become what I hate when the day comes - I’m a little under halfway there towards Thor - but trust and believe that if and when I get my ultimately desired Uniques - you ain’t gonna see me boosting my guys to tier 6 or 7 or 8.

… does that make me weak?

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Nope! Your game, play it the way you want

Oooh! Yes! I hated that tank meta, and stegod so much, but used mine. I could have taken it to L30 ages ago, but once they got rid of the APR it got benched at L28 - haven’t touched it since.

I had intended on adding proc to my team as well but stopped at level 21 because I was thinking that my team is so frail now that it wouldn’t be wise to add the little turd bird at this moment.

P.S. Dilo is amazing. I beefed mine up and win most of my matches with it. Great for messing trykos up.


I don’t really hate any of them, but the one I regret getting drawn is L24 Dio.
Only because the low level puts me at a disadvantage. (But still better than the L28 Indo I dropped like a bad habit)

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Yes, dracocera… I use it because as annoying as it is it’s extremely useful against all the super boosted fast dinos like utasino, and erlidom when no other dino outspeeds it.

Indominus rex moveset and play style is basically the “Common” of the legendarys lol

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Tryko… I hate the design, it looks like it has Pikachu ears and the big bulging back… I use it, Im boosting it.and it can beat 90% of the dinos in the game 1v1 but I alwats think ugh when I see it

Two words… diplotator

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Dracocera! Not for the dino but cuz EVERYONE use it like only chance for winning quickly and easily just swapping a dino every second. That’s boring!!

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There’s no dino that I hate in this game :rofl:

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I only use dinos I love c:
my team is:
all of them are awesome
dinos I hate:
Dracoceratops and Thor like a lot of people


The usual uniques, I hate their design and seeing the same dinos every battle is boring. I am more of using the real non hybrid ones.

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