Dinos4Fun Recruit

We are Dinos4Fun looking for 3 new members.
We are a friendly helpful international alliance speaking English.

What you will get.
1.Tier 8 Championships rewards
2.Rank 7/8 Defense and Exploration Weekly Mission rewards.
3.Help of all raids(Apex/Unique…) with strategy, as long as your Dinos meet requirement.
4.Library of 100% working raid strategies and great communication on discord to make sure success.
5.Free cash links.

What we require.

  1. Daily Active
    2.Player level 15+ and 3000+ trophies
    3.Complete 10 take-down every weekend in tournament at bare minimum(must)
    4.Communicate on discord(must)
    5.Complete your daily missions and help alliance weekly mission as possible as you can.



R u still Recruiting…


Yes we are in recruiting.
Please DM to wkeikouw#9509 or Thornhill1512#9869 on discord if you are interested or have any questions.
We are looking forward to your contact!

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Several of us unlocked all the raid Apex. We are waiting for raiding with you.