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Dinosaur 101: Aardonyx

Aardvark! /no! not an aardvark!/ Aardvark!!! /NOT AN AARDVARK!!!/
Sorry, I’m here with my brother and he thinks I’m talking about aardvarks.
This dinosaur’s name does kind of sound like aardvark, but its a dinosaur, not an aardvark.
diet: Herbivorous
Location: Elliot Formation in South Africa
Time: Early Jurassic, 199-189 million years ago
Size: 6-8 meters
Name meaning: “earth claw”

Aardonyx is known from 2 immature individuals. Adults would have been much larger, probably over 10m.
Aardonyx would have been largely bipedal (walking on 2 legs) but also capable of walking on all 4 legs. This and its way of feeding are transitional features between those of basal sauropodomorphs and the more derived sauropods (large dinosaurs that walked on all fours) that came later.
The presence of V-shaped jaws along with the absence of fleshy cheeks is an unusual characteristic of Aardonyx . Previously, it was thought that broader jaws evolved prior to the reduction and loss in fleshy cheeks as an adaptation toward bulk-browsing in sauropods.


Hp: 5260
Dmg: 1270
speed: 108
Crit. Chance: 15%

Shielded Decelerating Strike
Group Emergency Heal
Swap-in slow

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