Dinosaur 101: Conchoraptor 🍂

Hello and welcome to our Thanksgiving countdown edition of Dinosaur 101! Every day, from today to Thanksgiving, we will feature a “turkey-like” dinosaur, leading to a suprise on Thanksgiving. So let’s get started!
size: 1–2 meters (3.3-6.6 feet)
diet: Eggs, mollusks
time: Late cretaceous
place: Nemegt Formation
name meaning: Conch theif
Unlike most oviraptorosaurids, Conchoraptor lacked a head crest. It also had no teeth, just a sharp beak, perfect for crushing mollusk shells.

Wild card
Health: 3720.
Damage: 1290.
Speed: 130
Armour: 5%
Critical: 10%

Cunning Strike
Instant Distraction
(Snatch): Target Self: Dmg increase by 50% for 2 turns, Shields by 50% for 1 turn, Heal 0.5x
Target team: Increase Critical chance by 25% for 2 turns
Target All opponents: Remove shields, bypass armor, bypass dodge, remove cloak, Distract 50% for 1 turn, Attack 1.5x
Cooldown: 2

100% resist to distraction
75% resist to crit reduction
25% resist to swap prevention

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