Dinosaur 101: Confusiosornis

Welcome to another episode of Dinosaur 101! To celebrate Thanksgiving we will have our normal guest, Confusiosornis, plus a special guest Corytho-raptor? I thought we only did real dinosaurs on the show. Oh yeah! Corythoraptor was a real dinosaur! An oviraptorosaur that looked like a turkey! Please welcome, Confusiosornis and Corythoraptor!
Time: 125 to 120 mya
Diet: Herbivorous (?)
Place: Yixian Formation, China
Name meaning: Confucius Bird
Size:around the size of a pidgeon

Place: Nanxiong Formation, China
Time: late Maastrichtian
Size: 1.6 m (5 ft 3 in)
Diet:Plants (?)
name meaning: Helmet theif

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