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Dinosaur 101: Saurophaganax

Hello! This is my first installment of “Dinosaurs 101” and I am so excited!. Today’s dinosaur: Saurophaganax.
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Size: from 10.5 meters (34 ft) to 13 meters (43 ft) and weighs from 3 metric tons to 4.5 metric tons
Diet: Carnivorous
Lived in: Late Jurassic (Kimmeridgian Age, 151 mya)
Found in: Morrison formation (Oklahoma, US)
Saurophaganax is an allosaurid whose name literally means " lizard eater" (sauros=“lizard”, phagein=“to eat”) In 1931 and 1932, John Willis Stovall uncovered remains of a large theropod near
Kenton in Cimarron County Oklahoma in layers of the late Kimmeridgian. In 1941, these were named Saurophagus maximus by Stovall in an article by journalist Grace Ernestine Ray. Well, that name was taken by a type of tyrant-flycatcher. So, Saurophaganax.

Rarity: common
hp: 4650
dmg: 1770
speed: 105
armor: 0%
Crit. Chance: 25%
Fierce Strike
Fierce Rampage

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