Dinosaur abilities (ex: majungasaurus)


So I noticed that some dinos have abilities that aren’t attacks that can be manually activated. Like how the majunga will do a counter attack whenever it gets attacked, which won’t use up your turn. And I think the velociraptor has an ability that lowers the enemy’s attack. Are these abilities listed anywhere in game? Does every dino have an ability? I tried looking on the in-game page for the majunga, but I didnt see anything that explained this


The counter attack is a passive ability that’s listed among the dino’s attacks. You don’t activate it - it’s just there. Immunity is another one (i.e. with Dimetrodons).

The Raptor’s Decrease Attack ability is part of the attack I believe and should be listed in the description.

Edit: Decrease Attack is part of the Pounce move.