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Dinosaur Battle #10 Mortem Rex VS Dracoceratosaurus

Dinosaur Battle #10 Mortem Rex VS Dracoceratosaurus

Mortem Rex
Screenshot 2020-07-24 at 8.27.06 AM
Length: 50 Feet
Height: 35 Feet
Weight: 20 tons
Bite Force: 6 tons

Screenshot 2020-07-24 at 8.29.26 AM
Length: 20-25 Feet
Height: 10-15 Feet
Weight: 1 ton

The Battle: The Mortem Rex walked slowly through the mountains, looking for something to eat. Behind it, something moved quickly, but the Mortem Rex sensed it turning on the spot to face what made the noise. Yet it saw nothing, but swaying trees, except for one, which was strangely frozen while the others moved. Suspicious, the Mortem Rex slowly moved toward the frozen tree and bit it on its trunk. The tree let out a howl(literally) and moved, revealing that it was not a tree, but instead, a Dracoceratosaurus. It reared back and charged at the Mortem Rex, and hit its leg. The Mortem Rex roared in anger and swiped its tail bringing it down and knocking the Dracoceratosaurus off its feet.
The Mortem Rex grabbed the neck of the Dracoceratosaurus with its jaws and lifted it up, carrying it up the mountain. Once at the top, the Mortem Rex dropped the Dracoceratosaurus and prepared to kill it. Suddenly, a Haast Eagle flew by the Mortem Rex squawking at it. The Mortem Rex, annoyed swung its tail, hitting the Haast Eagle and knocking it down into the canyon. When the Mortem Rex looked down however, the Dracoceratosaurus was gone. Confused, the Mortem Rex looked around, not seeing it when suddenly, the Mortem Rex heard a loud grunting sound behind it. The Mortem Rex looked back way too late and saw the Dracoceratosaurus charging at it. The Dracoceratosaurus knocked the Mortem Rex off the mountain, the Mortem Rex’s body lying dead in the canyon below. The Dracoceratosaurus swung its head in truimph, yet below it, the Mortem Rex got up, angry, and ready to kill.

Thoughts and concerns?

Next Battle: Mortem Rex Returns


Mortem rex Vs Lord lythronax

Nice Idea! Maybe next time…

you may have fooled most people AIDEN_ZENG, but you cannot fool me! I new that twist was coming.

Sure, thought I’d get you, lol

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This isn’t even a fight, it’s a slaughter

What do you mean? @Dimodactylus