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Dinosaur Battle #12 Tryostronix vs Edaphocevia vs Stygidaryxcevia vs

Welcome to Dinosaur Battle #12!
Previously: Mortem Rex brutally throws the Dracoceratosaurus off a mountain.
Link right here------>Dinosaur Battle #11 Mortem Rex Returns.
This time, we have the zombie dinosaur(Tryostronix) the creepy Edaphosaurus hybrid(Edaphocevia) and the large green monster, (not the Hulk) Stygidaryx.


Height: 14 Feet
Length: 30 Feet
Weight: 5 tons
Bite Force: 1.5 tons

Height(To the top of the sail): 6 Feet
Length: 15 Feet
Weight: 500 Pounds(Not British currency)
Bite Force: 900 Pounds


Height: 20 Feet
Wingspan: 50 Feet
Weight: 8 tons
Bite Force: 600 Pounds

The Battle: The Stygidaryx swooped through the area, looking for food for its youngsters. Below it, the Tryostronix walked slowly preparing to scare the Stygidaryx. Suddenly, a little sound came from behind the Tryostronix. It turned, and saw an Edaphocevia, before it bit the Tryostronix’s leg, hard. The Tryostronix let out a shrieking roar, arousing the Stygidaryx to its location. It swooped down, and jumped on the Tryostronix. The Tryostronix roared in frustration, stuck under the immense Stygidaryx. The Edaphocevia looked cowed at the immense Stygidaryx. It quickly hurried away into the deep forest. The Tryostronix, growling angrily, moves quickly moves its quills on top of its back, making the Stygidaryx move out of the way. The Tryostronix slowly got up, and chomped onto the wing of the Stygidaryx, yet the Stygidaryx moved out of the way. The Stygidaryx dove at the Tryostronix and pecked out its eyes. Then, landed on the Tryostronix’s ribcage, knocking it over, and breaking it in the process, now dead, the Tryostronix lay limp as the Stygidaryx carried it up to its youngsters.

Thoughts and Concerns?
Sorry for the delay, was very busy.
Next Battle: Clash of the Chickens!!!

Fallen Yoshi vs Monomimus the Imposter

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Why are there 3 vs?

If your going by the logic that Tryos got nerfed, no, just no, RTC plus Refresh plus FR plus DSS if needed, and daryx leaving would screw whatever comes in next

There was a 3-way tie

It should be two.

Fine, I’ll listen to you

I’m not being mean, but I realize that there are 3 creatures with another one missing

Well, Stygidaryx was in the higher percentage when I started. Magnapyritor caught up later

I see


Auto Close poll helps

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That was awesome! Keep them coming!

Huh, really? I was under the impression nobody really cared about them anymore

Daryx is my favorite unique i thought it was funny that it carried tryo away.

Yeah, lol. I wanted Daryx to finally beat something

The Fall of Yoshi, a Ludia Forums original

Yes, definitely, lol