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Dinosaur Battle #13 Procerathomimus vs Monomimus

Dinosaur Battle #13 Procerathomimus vs Monomimus :open_mouth:
Welcome to Dinosaur Battle #13!
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Today we have 2 of some of the most annoying creatures of their time. Fallen Yoshi vs Monomimus the Imposter
(Note: Monomimus is called the Imposter because it got almost the same moveset as Procerathomimus in 1.14, even though it came first) The dreaded 1.14 Yoshi has been the bane of most people’s battles, will it beat Monomimus though?


Length: 15 Feet
Height: 8 Feet
Weight: 400 Pounds
Bite Force: 600 Pounds


Length: 18 Feet
Height: 10 Feet
Weight: 600 Pounds
Bite Force: 500 Pounds

The battle: The Procerathomimus ran across the riverside, looking for food. Behind it, the Monomimus jumps out, and runs to attack it, quickly catching up, the Procerathomimus ducks its head as Monomimus nips at it. Annoyed that it missed, the Monomimus sticks out its foot, tripping the Procerathomimus. The Procerathomimus fell to the ground in a heap. The Monomimus leaps onto the Procerathomimus and tries to pound it to death, but the Procerathomimus quickly darts away before it lands, being quite evasive. The Procerathomimus, now on the offensive, runs towards the Monomimus and swishes its tail, knocking the Monomimus off of its feet. The Procerathomimus kicked the Monomimus, but just then, Indoraptor Gen 2 appears, swiping at the Procerathomimus before running off. The Monomimus gets up slowly, looking down at the deep gash in the Procerathomimus, then pushes it into the lake, drowning it.
Thoughts and Concerns?
Sorry for the delay, again.

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Yay monomimus won! Well this seals it. Procerathomimus has been defeated and monomimus is great again!

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Yep, lmao

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Here we see, the monomimus, yeeting Yoshi