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Dinosaur Battle #14 Thylacotator vs Phorusaura

Dinosaur Battle #14 Thylacotator vs Phorusaura
Welcome to Dinosaur Battle #14!
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Today we have the epic Thylacotator, who is the monster that destroys Ardentismaxima and Trykosaurus, vs Phorusaura, a quick, high damage tyrant. Who will win? Let’s find out.

Thylacotator(If anyone can find a better picture, it’s much appreciated)

Height: 4 Feet
Length: 15 Feet
Weight: 500 Pounds
Bite Force: 600 Pounds

Phorusaura( Again, I need a good photo, plez

Height: 10 Feet
Length: 8 Feet
Weight: 1000 Pounds
Bite Force: 100 Pounds

The Battle: The Thylacotator slowly stalks the Phorusaura, watching it pause in front of it. The Phorusaura slowly turns, spotting the Thylacotator, it squawks, and sprints towards the Thylacotator, taking it off guard. It scratches and rips the Thylacotator’s back, blooding it. The Thylacotator roars, and bites the Phorusaura’s leg. Injured, the Phorusaura scratches the Thylacotator’s eyes, blinding it. The Thylacotator swipes blindly, unsuccessful. The Phorusaura continues to ravage the Thylacotator, ripping its body to literal shreds. The Phorusaura slowly eats the thin strips of meat that used to be Thylacotator.
(Sorry if you don’t like the ending, I’m just mad)

Next time: Dracoceratops vs Magnapyritor

It is true that terror birds can defeat large cats. scientifically accurate battle 1.0

But why though?

I’m guessing he hates fighting thylo

Great fight and incredibly true to the game too

I’ll tell you why, @Qaw. I played at least 30 games, lost every single one of them because of a swap in

swap in is annoying. but fun to use!!!

(10 c)