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Dinosaur Battle #15 Dracoceratops vs Magnapyritor

Dinosaur Battle #15 Dracoceratops vs Magnapyritor
Welcome to Dinosaur Battle #15!
Previously on Dinosaur Battles: The Phorusaura and Thylacotator have a vicious brawl, ending with the Phorusaura tearing the Thylacotator apart.
Check it out here----> Dinosaur Battle #14 Thylacotator vs Phorusaura
Anyways, today we have the most annoying creature in JWA(My Opinion) the DracoRAT aka Dracoceratops vs Magnapyritor widely known to many as one of the most cool looking creatures in the game. The fight begins!


Height: 8 Feet
Length: 15 Feet
Weight: 800 Pounds
Bite Force: 500 Pounds

Magnapyritor(I also love the way it looks like it’s about to swipe the Rat, lmao)

Height: 10 Feet
Length: 25 Feet
Weight: 1,500 Pounds
Bite Force: 1.98 Tons

The Battle: The Magnapyritor crawls across the desert sand, smelling something near. It looks around, growling, hungry. Suddenly, the Dracoceratops rams into the Magnapyritor, knocking it through the sand.The Magnapyritor, irritated slowly gets up and quickly moves forward, pinning the Dracoceratops’ head under its clawed hand. The Dracoceratops suddenly quickly moves and slides through the Magnapyritor’s grasp(It is a rat after all :wink) and runs away…but not quick enough. The Magnapyritor(largely owing to its raptor DNA) moved much quicker than the Dracoceratops and caught up to it in a minute, grabbing the Dracoceratops’ head by its jaws. Knowing what was coming, it once again tried to escape, yet the Magnapyritor kept its jaws clenched shut until… crack! a large sharp sound echoes throughout the desert. The Magnapyritor had cracked the Dracoceratops’ neck, killing it instantly. In the winning battle animation, it roared in triumph(and so did I :grin:)
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