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Dinosaur Battle #16 Carnotarkus vs Postimetrodon

Dinosaur Battle #16 Carnotarkus vs Postimetrodon
Welcome to Dinosaur Battle #16!(We are really getting through these!)
Previously on Dinosaur Battles: The Magnapyritor and Dracoceratops have a quick fight in the desert, ending with Magnapyritor snapping the Rat’s head.
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Anyways, today, we have the once great Carnotarkus face up against the quick Postimetrodon


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Height: 10 Feet
Length: 24 Feet
Weight: 4 Tons
Bite Force: 1/2 ton


Height: 4 Feet
Length: 15 Feet
Weight: 700 Pounds
Bite Force: 800 pounds

The Battle: The Carnotarkus slowly munches on some dry grass, a drought having started a couple of weeks ago. It grazed in the relatively small field(.3 acres)along with its large herd consisting of 20 other Carnotarkus’ all of various sizes, while most were adults, some were older, and there were a few juveniles as well. Little did the herd know, a deadly and very dangerous pack of Postimetrodon’s that consisted of 6 adults, and one very vicious juvenile were watching the herd carefully, having planned their operation for weeks so that they could be able to feed their families for months to come. They had followed the herd through rain and snow, carefully identifying their every move. The pack watched discreetly waiting for their distraction(one of the females had the disgrace of giving birth to a weakling, so they sent it out as a decoy)until, the baby Postimetrodon suddenly stumbled into the field bawling loudly(apparently all babies are loud)catching the entire herd of Carnotarkus’ to turn around at the noise. Seeing the successful distraction, the pack of Postimetrodon’s suddenly sprang from their hiding spot and leapt towards a few of the Carnotarkus’. The herd of Carnotarkus’ caught off guard by the pack of Postimetrodons’ instantly diverted their attention away from the bawling baby and to the pack, but by then it was too late, a quarter of the herd were either dead, or on the ground in critical condition, because the Postimetrodon’s didn’t just attack one Carnotarkus and leave, no they went on a killing spree, killing and maiming the Carnotarkus’. Only the Alpha stood a chance against such vicious predators. he had engaged in a fierce battle against the juvenile, blocking its attacks until it went for its deadly counter-attacks, whipping the juvenile across the field. A few Carnotarkus’ stood strong like the Alpha against the Postimetrodon’s but they fell to the ground, having been given lethal wounds. Alas, the Carnotarkus’ were not only not built for battle, but not knowing how to fight, the teaching of it having been forgotten in the newer generations, but remembered still by the elders. The Alpha, knocked out another 2 Postimetrodon’s before falling to the ground, his body in slashes. As he lay in pain in he took one last look as the other elders finally fell too. A Postimetrodon slowly walked towards the dying Alpha. The Postimetrodon lifted one of its clawed hands to end the Alpha’s life. Oddly, the Alpha felt no fear, but a feeling of great relief as the Postimetrodon swiped him.

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Edit: The reason for the delay was because of having a busy week where I couldn’t fit time in for writing. I hoped you like this longer story.

Next Battle: Thank you @Earlidominus for the suggestion: GOAT vs T rex

(Note: if you have a good suggestion, I’ll do it in the next Dinosaur Battle


Next battle is GOAT VS T-rex right
You thought GOAT was eat by T-rex but it was me GOAT

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Lol, yeah

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Mortem vs Indominus


ok, i’ll try

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I think Tarkus would win, but the fight was cool nonetheless


I wonder how our dinosaur king will jazz up the next battle

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lol, hopefully not another week it’ll take

I liked this one the best

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Thank you

spinotahsuchus vrs tryko , kinda of like a super spinosaurus against a super T rex

Ok, cool, @CADEN_EPIC

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