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Dinosaur Battle #17 GOAT vs Tyrannosaurus Rex

Dinosaur Battle #17 GOAT vs Tyrannosaurus Rex
Welcome to Dinosaur Battle #17!
Previously on Dinosaur Battles: A pack consisting of 7 Postimetrodon’s ambush a herd of grazing Carnotarkus’ slaughtering the whole herd. Check it out here------>Dinosaur Battle #16 Carnotarkus vs Postimetrodon
But that’s besides the point, today we have the most OP April Fools Boss( The GOAT) vs the iconic(and slow) Tyrannosaurus Rex.

GOAT(Look at that evil face!)
Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 9.56.24 AM
Height: 3 Feet
Length: 4 Feet
Weight: 310 pounds
Bite Force: 5 pounds(Lol, IDK)

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Height: 16 Feet
Length: 40 Feet
Weight: 10 tons
Bite Force: 6 tons

The Battle: The Tyrannosaurus Rex slowly watched the lone juvenile Triceratops, walking alone. The Tyrannosaurus Rex surged forward quickly, and chomped on the tail of the Triceratops, making it collapse on the ground, just as the Tyrannosaurus Rex was about to deal the finishing blow, a portal appeared and sucked the Rex up, before disappearing again. Meanwhile, on a small farm a few goats were eating some hay, unnoticing. The Tyrannosaurus Rex slowly looked around, wondering where it was. The Goats suddenly started bleating loudly, sensing the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The owner of the farm waved his hand dismissively. The Tyrannosaurus Rex moved into the open and saw the goats. The farmer saw the Tyrannosaurus Rex and swore loudly and ran away. The goats just stayed. The Tyrannosaurus Rex smashed through the fence and grabbed one of the Goats in-between its massive jaws and chomped on it, crushing its bone and killing it instantly. A small drop of blood fell off of the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s tooth, and hit the ground. The Goats saw it, and attempted to escape, only for the Tyrannosaurus Rex to swing its large head and knock them down to the ground. The Tyrannosaurus Rex then put its foot on a goat, and slowly continued to push it down, before the goat died. The Tyrannosaurus Rex then proceeded to massacre the rest of the Goats, their blood splattering the empty field. The Tyrannosaurus Rex walked off into the distance, no doubt looking for more food. Meanwhile, the lone surviving Goat watched in fury.

Next Battle: Final Goat vs Tyrannosaurus Rex


You stole my episode 100

JK. It’s an obvious one though

lol, wait seriously? I was so stumped, lmao. Maybe @Earlidominus wanted us to clash because he solved your cryptic message and suggest it to me. :joy: :joy:

with how the jurrasic world movie franchise is currently going, if the goat and t rex were to go super Sayan, and shoot lasers at each other, I would not question it.