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Dinosaur Battle #18 Spintahsuchus vs Trykosaurus

Dinosaur Battle #18 Spintahsuchus vs Trykosaurus(Man, it’s been a long time)
Ok, so I know I said I was going to do a Goat vs T Rex story, I’m going to save that for the 20th. Thank you @CADEN_EPIC for the inspiration.
Welcome to Dinosaur Battle #18!
Previously on Dinosaur Battles: A Tyrannosaurus Rex is teleported to a farm where it hungrily devours a herd of goats with one survivor left.
But today, we have a MEGA Spinosasurus(Spinotahsuchus) and a MEGA Tyrannosaurus Rex(Trykosaurus).

Screenshot 2020-09-03 at 10.17.29 PM
Height: 13 Feet
Length: 40 Feet
Weight: 8-9 Tons

download (1)
Length: 45 Feet
Height: 17 Feet
Bite Force: 8 tons
Weight: 35,000 LB

The Battle: The Trykosaurus finishes eating the dead Indominus Rex when it hears a loud splashing near it. The Trykosaurus turns around and stealthily hides in some vegetation, crouching down slowly. The Spinotahsuchus rises out of the water spectacularly, and drops a pile of fish onto the shore, it slowly starts to eat the fish, ripping out their guts and slowly savoring it. The Trykosaurus, not wanting to make a scene, slowly moved away, unnoticed by the Spinotahsuchus. All of a sudden, the Spinotasuchus turns, almost as if it senses the Trykosaurus. The Trykosaurus, unwilling to fight again quickly starts to turn around when it felt a sudden sharp pain in it’s rib cage and looked around wildly. A loud splatter made the Trykosaurus look down. A large pool of dark red liquid had formed on the leaves below. Abandoning all pretense, the Trykosaurus roared in pain, only to realize the Spinotahsuchus was not eating fish behind him. One of the Spinotahsuchus’ claws were sticking out of the Trykosaurus’ rib cage. The Trykosaurus turned and smacked the Spinotahsuchus with its spiky tail, causing it to flinch slightly but not move much. The Trykosaurus heard its heartbeat slowing down inside its body and knew that Death was coming. Not even trying to fight, the Trykosaurus attempted in a last ditch attempt to escape, but the Spinotahsuchus gave the Trykosaurus a look that meant, ‘No Escape’. The Spinotahsuchus swiped its other claws at the Trykosaurus blinding it, before slamming it to the ground. The Spinotahsuchus stepped onto the Trykosaurus’ gut, causing its intestines to spill out onto the dry leaves, leaving a terrible smell in the air. A few miles north, a predator smelled the blood and started to move.



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Nice, nice

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Its been a while, and this series is back!


Also, where’s the stats of tryko

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And here I was thinking you just straight up abandoned this… yet mine still hasn’t caught up in numbers lol

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Wow, I have a terrible memory :man_facepalming:t2: :man_facepalming:t2:

Thanks a lot!

Yes it’s back :smile:

Don’t worry, everyone forgets tings easily

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So, I hope you understand the added 2 tons in weight compared to the first battle


its bulking season

Yes, lol, and it just finished eating an entire Indominus Rex :rofl:

wait I get it, the tryko is eating the indom from JWA battles one…

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Yes that’s right!

I would like as a suggestion a battle between 2 smilonemys against a mammolania. Could you do it? :smiley: armor vs armor

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Yes, I’ll do it after the next one

Thanks! :smiley:

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No problem