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Dinosaur Battle #2 Indoraptor Gen 2 VS Sarcorixis

Dinosaur Battle #2 Indoraptor Gen 2 VS Sarcorixis

Indoraptor Gen 2

Length: 35 Feet
Height: 10 Feet
Weight: 2 tons
Bite Force: 3 tons


Length: 40 Feet
Weight: 11,500 Pounds
Bite Force: 8 tons

The Battle: The Indoraptor walks closely to the water, on all fours, eyes darting around the water, looking for danger. Apparently sensing none, the Indoraptor bends its neck and slowly drinks form the lake. Out of the corner of its eye, a flicker of movement goes unnoticed by the Indoraptor. Suddenly, the Sarcorixis lunges out of the water, grabbing onto the Indoraptor’s neck, attempting to drag it into the water. The Indoraptor slashes the Sarcorixis, momentarily stunning it, allowing the Indoraptor to quickly release itself from the Sarcorixis’ jaws. The Indoraptor suddenly pounces on the Sarcrorixis, attempting to bite into its back. The Sarcorixis, attempts to throw the Indoraptor off, but it’s all in vain. The Indoraptor suddenly jumps off the Sarcorixis’ back; the Sarcorixis surprised, realises just too late that it’s a trick, as the Indoraptor rams its head into the Sarcorixis’ side, knocking it over(it watched Jurassic World), exposing its weak underbelly. The Sarcorixis wiggles frantically, before the Indoraptor bites into its belly. The Sarcorixis attempts to crawl back into the water, but the Indoraptor suddenly bites its neck, and then snaps it hard. The Sarcorixis crumples to the ground, dead as the Indoraptor roars in triumph over its dead body. I hoped you liked it, I spent a lot of time on it :slight_smile:.

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    • Monostegotops
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@Ant-02 Thanks for liking my post! :grinning:

Yvw @Dinosaur_King

Did you enjoy the outcome?

Loving those battles
This time I thought sarco would win cause of the size difference

Yeah, but I kinda wanted to mix it up, you know?

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I don’t actually think indo is unable to win, just that It would be hard for It to knock sarco over since it’s so heavy. But agreed, twists are nice :grinning:

Yeah, cuz it saw its papa Indom turn something similar over

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I don’t know If even indominus would be able to do that, and well, no one said It had to be realistic right? I mean, we’re talking about fictional hybrids :laughing:

Yeah! :rofl:

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I’ve officially closed the polls and am making a new topic right now!

Aww I wanted Rixis to win

Is there any specific reason?

Cus I like rixis and i dispise indog2

Haha, I do too

Interesting take and I like but I do have one complaint.

At that such bite force clamping down on the neck, would not the Indoraptor Gen2 been killed instantly and normally crocodiles do not let go of their prey as they drag them into the water so that if the bite doesn’t kill, the drowning death roll will?

Also how does Indo have a bite force 1 ton greater than T.rex (according to the Florida State University)?


Really? Huh, what’s the bite force of the T rex according to Florida University? @WhiteFang1992

8,000 lbs = 4 tons

Near the water, Indo would have been an appetizer for Rixis. (unless that Rixis was a baby… :laughing:)