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Dinosaur Battle #3 Erlidominus vs Spinonyx

Dinosaur Battle #3 Erlidominus vs Spinonyx


Height: 15-20 Feet
Length: 20 Feet
Weight: 2 tons
Bite Force: 1 ton


Height: 15 Feet
Length: 60 Feet
Weight: 6 tons
Bite Force: 4 tons

The Battle: The Erlidominus walks slowly through the trees, almost silently. The last rays of sunlight slowly start to fade away. As it stops at a small pond to take a drink, the trees behind it begin to quake, and the Spinonyx stomps out. Surprised by the appearance of the Spinonyx, the Erlidominus is momentarily stunned, giving the Spinonyx the chance to strike. It raised one of its long arms and brings it down, slashing the side of the Erlidominus’ side. The Erlidominus lets out a loud shriek, and uses its long claws to swipe at the Spinonyx, carving a deep gash in it’s side. Howling in pain, the angry Spinonyx chomps down hard on the Erlidominus. Luckily, for the Erilidominus however, the Spinonyx’s bite force is relatively weak, and it simply leaves a small gash on the Erlidominus’ neck. Quickly, the Erlidominus attempts to knock the Spinonyx over by hitting it in the head with its own head. The Spinonyx however, anticipated this, and stuck out its mouth, and grabbed the Erlidominus’ head as it swung it. Using the head as leverage, the Spinonyx lifted up the Erlidominus and smashed it onto the ground, repeatedly, until the Erlidominus finally slumped to the ground, dead. The Spinonyx roared in triumph, but unbeknownst to it, something watched it silently in the cover of the forest, watching, and waiting…

Poll for what was watching the Spinonyx!

  • Indoraptor
  • Purutasaurus
  • Velociraptor

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What do you guys think?

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Erlidom can cloak and actually bites as seen by the game

Yeah, but what would the bite force be?

Stop making the good dinos lose :frowning:


About a ton, it’s 1/4 T. rex and also erliko had a decent one too

Fine, @JurassicWolf, maybe

Why? What’s wrong?

Erlidom would win almost every time

He doesn’t want the ‘good’ dinosaurs in his opinion to lose, @Apple

Aww. Okay.

This isn’t about JWA

Thing is, you have to consider every possible aspect and if your doing hybrids, take into account it’s parents

Erlidom would be fast, pretty intelligent, can cloak, and deal haven’t slashed, but is frail, has a weak bite force, and is crippled easy

Spinonyx isn’t crazy fast but can still move well. It’s arms are pretty deadly and it isn’t flipped super easy. It’s also pretty big. However it would have a weak bite force and isn’t crazy and isn’t very intelligent. It’s also wouldn’t have fast attack speed