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Dinosaur Battle #4 Spinonyx VS Indoraptor

Dinosaur Battle #4 Spinonyx VS Indoraptor


Height: 15 Feet
Length: 60 Feet
Weight: 6 tons
Bite Force: 2 tons


Length: 35 Feet
Height: 10 Feet
Weight: 2 tons
Bite Force: 3 tons

The Battle: The Indoraptor gazes at the Spinonyx intently, then silently creeps towards it. The Spinonyx, not noticing the Indoraptor picks at the Erlidominus’ bones. Suddenly, the Indoraptor bursts out of the forest and pounces on the Spinonyx. The Spinonyx roars and struggles to get the Indoraptor off its back. Having already been injured, the Spinonyx falls to the ground, apparently dead. Just as the Indoraptor is about to bite into its body though, it gets up in a flash and swipes at the Indoraptor, knocking it over, as it slowly looms over the Indoraptor, the Indoraptor camouflages itself. Surprised, the Spinonyx looks around for the Indoraptor. But the Indoraptor jumps up and slashes a deadly blow across the Spinonyx’s face.Devastatingly injured, the Spinonyx falls to the ground beaten. The Inodraptor scrambles on top of its body and bites its stomach, eating it alive. The Spinonyz groans, and dies, the Indoraptor eating hungrily. Thoughts?

Next Battle: Ardentismaxima vs Alloraptor

Slow down with the battles

Ok, I just enjoy them though, :frowning:

It’s alright

I enjoyed this one

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Happy cake day! Have a bowl! Throw you a bowl*

I prefer a gun but I guess this would work as a helmet

Gun is inappropriate

Why, at least I have something better to use as a defense mechanism rather than a bowl

Uhh… okay

Kind of one sided with an injured animal fighting a healthy individual but still interesting.

My one concern is Indoraptors bite force, which I brought up in IndoGen2vsSarco, being a ton greater than Tyrannosaurus despite having a smaller skull than the tyrant lizard king.

From what I researched, the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s bite force is 8-9 tons.