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Dinosaur Battle #6 Tyrannolophosaur vs Geminititan

Dinosaur Battle #6 Tyrannolophosaur vs Geminititan

Height: 15 Feet
Length: 38 Feet
Weight: 10 Tons
Bite Force: 3.5 Tons


Height: 25 Feet
Length: 105 Feet
Weight: 113 Metric tons

The Battle: The Tyrannolophosaur slowly walks through the forest, its nose sniffing for any sign if life. Suddenly, the Geminititan emerged from behind the underbrush and towered over the Tyrannolophosaur. The Tyrannolophosaur cowered in the shadow of the immense Geminititan. Out of nowhere, another Tyrannolophosaur appeared. The first Tyrannolophosaur now feeling more confident, it charged at the Geminititan, chomping into the immense body of the Geminititan. Suddenly, there was a loud crack as the Geminititan’s long tail spun like a whip and hit the Tyrannolophosaur, making it roar in pain. The other Tyrannolophosaur tried to charge at the Geminititan and knock it over, yet the Geminititan massive bulk(from 113 Metric tons!) prevented it from being knocked over. Slightly dizzy, the Tyrannolophosaur stumbled and fell to the ground. The Geminititan suddenly reared up on its hind legs, paused for a moment, then stomped on the Tyrannolophosaur with the force of 113 Metric tons. There was the sound of the crackle of bones as the Tyrannolophosaur crumpled. The other Tyrannolophosaur roared at the Geminititan in rage, but fled, being no match.

Poll for who fights next!

  • Spinotahraptor
  • Monostegotops
  • Indominus Rex Gen2

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  • Ardontosaurus
  • Diorajasaur
  • Rajakylosaurus

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Ko No Diorajasaur Da!!!


Hahaha, @Coconut_crab

Glad to see everyone voting!

Gemini comes through :wink:

Yep, with the whip like tail and the astounding 113 metric tons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The votes are really close!!!

Everyone! I’m officially closing the poll at 7 PM Central Time!