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Dinosaur Battle #7 Indominus Rex Gen 2 vs Diorajasaur

Dinosaur Battle #7 Indominus Rex Gen 2 vs Diorajasaur

Indominus Rex Gen 2

Height: 20 Feet
Length: 50 Feet
Weight: 10 tons
Bite Force: 10 Tons


Height: 10 Feet
Length: 25-30 Feet
Weight: 2 Tons
Bite Force: 1 ton

The Battle: The Diorajasaur slowly walks through the sunlit brush, blending in perfectly with its surroundings. Around it, something moved, yet the Diorajasaur saw nothing. Suddenly, there’s a loud roar as something invisible moves quickly towards the Diorajasaur. Instinctively, its defenses went up immediately as it turned, exposing its spiky tail. Angrily, the Indominus Rex Gen 2 roars in anger and tries to move the Diorajasaur. The Diorajasaur flings its tail towards the Indominus Rex Gen 2, drawing blood. In anger, the Indominus Rex Gen 2 rears back its head and smacks the Diorajasaur across the head, knocking it to the ground. As it struggles to get up, the Indominus Rex Gen 2 places its foot on the Diorajasaur’s head slowly crushing it. The Diorajasaur roars in pain but the Indominus Rex Gen 2 does not relinquish its hold. Suddenly, the Indominus Rex Gen 2 stomps hard on the Diorajasaur’s head, crushing it. The Indominus Rex Gen 2 roars in satisfaction, the yellow stripes on its back, gleaming after a successful hunt.

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Dio: za warudo toki wo tomare

After the next one can you use mortem rex from new raid boss in new video

What video? @Coconut_crab

Can’t wait! Check the Boss video

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Jeese! I’m so excited!!!

That raid boss is OP, and we can get its DNA. YES! YES! YES! Good Job Ludia!!! :heart_eyes:

Yes in future maybe have Omega 09 and Alpha 06

There are new dinos too!

Yes i see this

Yep, and Mr DNA! Lmao :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh i see mr. DNA after watching first time

Yea, so hyped!!!

I got idea after the next one
Mortem rex vs lord lythronax

It at your disgust

Don’t forgot gruff

That horrible

What’s horrible?