Dinosaur Battle #8 Thoradolasaur vs Grypolyth

First, I’m so sorry for the delay, I was just really busy. Update 2.0 was huge and I’m still getting used to it. Hope I continue with this. Love you guys. Enjoy!

Length: 40 Feet
Height: 20 Feet
Weight: 15 tons(Lol, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
Bite Force: 4 tons


Length: 50-60 Feet
Height: 5 Feet
Weight: 12 tons
Bite Force: 4.5 tons

The Battle: The Grypolyth slowly walks along the bank of a large lake, and then rolls into the lake, submerging itself in the deep water. Suddenly, a large group of Paramolochs stumble quickly past the Grypolyth, not noticing it until… The Grypolyth lunges and grabs one of the Paramolochs by its tail and slowly starts to drag it into the lake. There was a sudden loud roar, and the rest of the Paramolochs scattered, terrified. A Thoradolasaur walked out of the wood and instantly saw the Grypolyth and the poor Paramoloch. Quick as a flash, it moved with surprising agility grabbing onto the head of the Paramoloch(Got this from BBC documentary). The Thoradolasaur roared and using its strength, ripped the Paramoloch from the Grypolyth’s grasp, ripping a large patch of skin off of the Paramoloch. The Thoradolasaur chomped onto the Paramoloch’s head, killing it, and slowly started to eat it. Angry at being cheated out of its prey, the Grypolyth pretended to slink back into the water, and then lunged forward grabbing one of the Thoradolasaur’s legs, which is rather unfortunate. Now trapped in a Death Roll, thought it does not know it, the Thoradolasaur struggles trying to wriggle out of the Grypolyth’s tremendously strong jaws. The Grpolyth rolled, and dragged the Thoradolasaur into the lake still holding on, until the Thoradolasaur is reduced to small chunks of green meat, that the Grypolyth ate hungrily. Thoughts and concerns? Leave them down below!

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Who won?


Grypolyth, didn’t you read it?

I didn’t know

I would think that Thor would’ve won because grip jaw was extremely narrow and would probably snap in a full on assault.

It definitely wouldn’t feel good but Grypo actually ambushes Thor and Thor doesn’t have time to react

Everyone, I’m not going to do a battle today, but I will do one tomorrow, I’m think of doing them every other day. Thank you

In one of your up coming battles you should use one of the new creatures.

Okay, I’ll take that in mind