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Dinosaur Battle #9 Mammotherium vs Gorgosuchus

Dinosaur Battle #9 Mammotherium vs Gorgosuchus


Length: 30 Feet
Height: 7 Feet
Weight: 10 tons


Length: 15 Feet
Height: 3 Feet
Weight: 1 ton
Bite Force: 2-3 tons

The Battle: The Mammotherium eats slowly, munching on some hard vegetation. Behind it, a Gorgosuchus watches hungrily, preparing to ambush the large animal. The Gorgosuchus lunges, moving quickly, and chomps hard into the thick hide of the Mammotherium. The Mammotherium grunts, and collapses, a large pool of blood flowing steadily from it hide. It turns around and smacks the Gorgosuchus in the head, knocking it to the ground. Slowly getting up, the Mammotherium, it turns and stomps on the Gorgosuchus’ back, breaking it. Stomping on it a few more times, the Gorgosuchus crumples. The Mammotherium groans and collapses again, slowly bleeding profusely from the serious injury in its hide, slowly dying.

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  • Dsungia
  • Carnotarkus
  • Dracoceratosaurus

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  • Mortem Rex
  • Smilonemys
  • Magnapyritor

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Thank you for taking my suggestion that I posted on The previous battle.

Mortem rex have a dinner after fight dracoceratosaurus


You never know what Aiden will come up with. To be honest, I thought Mamotherium had this in the bag.

whoops, I mean Gorgo

I was curious about how a battle between dsungaia and carnotarkus would pan out

Apparently everyone just wants to see the progeny of both rats be mulched by the new boss lol.

Lmao, so funny

when is ten coming out?

Tomorrow, I’m doing them every other day, @CADEN_EPIC

thank you for letting me know

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oh, thank you! @Carnoraptor.troodon Never found one, :sweat_smile:

Mortem Rex and Dracoceratosaurus will duke it tomorrow!!! Who will win?!?!!??

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this will be fun!!

it will give me something to do on ludia forums other than ranting about thylotator

Yes, thank you for your support!

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Glad you like the battles!

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Good Idea!