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Dinosaur biography rewards


The current “Dino x is known for its speed and deadly slashes” is kind of a disappointment.


  • Make the biographies longer, fact-based and interesting
  • Separate them into unlockable sentences / short paragraphs
  • Start out with an empty biography
  • Present the first fact when aquiring, and add one by one fact for each evolve, slowly building up your “portofolio” and knowledge.

Which period? Family? Dig site? Year discovered? Size? Etc… Getting facts slowly presented while playing would be greatly appreciated!

Knowledge is all the reward you need! :slight_smile:

Team for Battles and Dino Infos
More information about dinasours!

ohh mannn, that’s an idea! i want it!


That would be really awesome! Not like long articles, just “fun facts” that you collect with each level up of the dino.


I love this idea a lot a lot


Great Idea, i totally want this too!


I prefer “interesting” over “fun”, though I think I understand your point. The articles could potentially become quite long eventually, and I agree: there has to be a sweet spot between length and value. Too much info and it won’t get read (or remembered).

An alternative would be to unlock new facts not for every dino-level, but instead at intervals e.g. lvl 5, 10, 15, etc… It would decrease the “spam factor” and make each entry worth more for the player.


Totally maan!! 100% i want it like it!


As an amateur fossil hunter located in what used to be the eastern edge of the Tethys Inland Sea, I love this idea! Sadly, no dino remains here, It’s mainly large crinoids, brachiopods, fish fossils, and a few leaf impressions in coal seams, sandstone/limestone strata, and shale slabs on lakeshores.


Great idea! The only thing I question is the hybrids. Are these hybrids actual dinosaurs that were discovered? Most of these to me seem like they were created to be in the JP universe (besides the basics like T. rex, allosaurus, ankylosaurus, etc.) so I cant imagine they would have digsites or a discovery year. Only info would be made up like size, family, period.


Yes, the hybrids were made up to fit the Jurassic World storyline. Dr. Wu was pretty busy making up new hybrids other than I-Rex and I-Raptor, it seems…


Totally, definetely agree.
About this… Is there anybody who can suggest a good scientific bundle?


I would be willing to do research on known species to post here, if anyone has a request.


Utahraptor. Like: was it really plumed? It was a shock as I saw my first one in the wild.


All raptors are believed to have been plumed to some degree, as they are the closest relation of family theropoda to today’s birds. (Some large theropods, such as Rex cousins Gorgosaurus and Albertosaurus were believed to have some feathering as well. Seems right, as they both lived in a sub-polar region - Alberta, Canada/Alaska.)

The raptors formed a group called the Dromaeosauridae, and were scattered worldwide in the Cretaceous period. The largest species of Utahraptor found was nicknamed Dakotaraptor, and stood taller than 3 meters. By comparison, Utahraptor was slightly smaller, only 2.5 meters in height, as was Deinonychus Antirrhopus, the one the raptors in JP/JW were modeled after. Yes, Blue and her pack were actually not V-raptors. They were Deinonychus. (JP3 tried to give the “raptors” on Sorna some proto-feathers, but it ended up looking weird.)

Poor little Velociraptor was only maybe 1 meter tall, judging from V. Mongoliensis fossils found in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia.


The smallest raptors were the size of a large housecat, or a goose. Great Britain even had a species of small raptor, found not too far from Stonehenge:


Meet Nuthetes Destructor, one of the smaller raptorids.


This should give you an idea of size comparison.
(U. Ostrommaysorum is also called “Dakotaraptor”)


Hope that helps! If you have questions about other dinos, ask away!


Thanks! I’ve got left behind a lot with this stuff.


With the changes the movie made to existing facts, it would be wacky. It would be awesome if the game went ahead and added true facts as you earn them though. It would be educational and a chance for them to say “okay, we fibbed” in a fun way. Even of you already know a lot of the facts, that would be a really cool feature. Hybrids wouldn’t be an issue. They just put a disclaimer and make up whatever facts they want. Would be some cool lore that you would know to impress your fellow Jurassic Park/World fans.


Dalek, thanks for giving my Utah and the awesome Deinonychus some love! It’s fun showing fans some of the facts behind their favorite dinos. One of my coworkers thought Velociraptor was the only one and was kind of excited to see some actual size comparisons last week and some images of what they could have looked like with feathers. Even said thanks for the knowledge haha. The movie discrepancies don’t bother me, though. They do make the dinos look pretty cool xD