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Dinosaur combo flocks

What if we got a flock that included The Indonimus Rex and Indoraptor of the whole JW raptor pack what do you think?

Ehhhh not really flocks are made for three creatures and for smaller creatures


True but maybe the two infant Indonimus Rexes and a Indoraptor or the infant JW Raptors?

That sounds like its too overwhelming for them now, as far as I can tell, all JWA creature are adults with no exception


I’d rather limit flocks to the smallest creatures(aka, tiny things), I can’t really wrap my head around all these suggestions of having the raptor pack as a flock/group or other big things and such, just doesn’t make much sense to me as we either already have these creatures and it would seem kinda broken to me

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I think it’s weird that Troodon didn’t make the cut for this, probably just above the weight class.

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JWA dev team somehow made Troodons the size of a Utahraptor so its probably out of the range of “small creatures”

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Ok but Microraptors might would work.

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