Dinosaur Customization

I have a suggestion that may be a little difficult to come by. It involves customization of your dinosaurs in game. I thought it would make the game more enjoyable if you could customize the appearance of your dinosaurs, or at least name them. Perhaps when you unlock a new dinosaur, it will take you to a customization menu where you can change your dinosaur’s colors and possibly markings, and allow you to use a color picker menu so that the dinosaur is truly yours. It may be a bit much, but the premise of the game and Jurassic World itself seems to be that you yourself are making these creatures. If that turns out to not be doable, then you should at least be able to give your dinosaurs their own name, after all, these animals aren’t numbers on a spreadsheet, as Owen Grady puts it, “they’re alive.”


coming from pogo I would love to put a hat on my dinos :smiley:


Pink Camo colored Indo Raptor.


Hahaha coming from a game about dragons and war.

As a community we asked for customization and got hats. Not armor or stat boosting just silly hats.

Then they introduced riders. And you had to spend an obscene amount of time and effort into them. Established a whole new currency. And required a lot of money for pay to win .

So hearing hats cracked me up.

However customization would be cool. As long as its cosmetic.

Limited run avatars would be cool to. As would a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal. He could ride on the four legged ones and be clutched by the two legged ones.

So would customization of your user profile screen.

But not performance boosting items please


Pink Gold Indoraptor will be great

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Bad idea.
Next thing we know we will have a vanta black raptor.
Not the brightest idea I’ve seen.


This is jurassic world alive, not lego jurassic world

I want a candy apple purple with ghost flames for my stegodeus with fire stegosaurus plates…

And lots of chrome.


As long as I don’t see the name I’m fine with that. Can you imagine the stupid or offensive names people would give them? Why do we need customization?

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Or a Godzilla costume for my Draco cera tops… Or Ohhh candy apple purple mecha-godzilla… Or maybe just maybe…

Candy apple purple and black racing stripes mechanic mothera for alakylosairus…

O M G I’m going to need my white pants!

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Or flames that shoot from being my raptor when it does pounce

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I’ve always thought if we could actually fuse Dino’s that we wanted of our choosing that would make for an interesting game play. You’d have no idea what you were going to battle next and it would involve some brain power versus mindlessly tapping buttons. Naturally Ludia would require x amount of green cash to perform the request, which we all know would not be cheap. Plus depending on the kind, rare, epic etc… you’d need a certain level to request it. Just like we do now for fusions.

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Back in the 368 and 468 day there was a game called designasaurus.

You built your own Dino with parts listed and then walked around the world fighting Dino’s and even had a photo and battle arena. It was fun and very cool



Just having fun my friend-

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Life Finds A Way

Please stop trolling.
Give your ideas.



Yes exactly transformers roll out


I loved Dino bits was dissapointed with the movie ones

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Any one remember. Dinosaucers

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