Dinosaur Customization

True, true. I have thought about that. Perhaps we should put certain limitations on customization and naming.

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Please forgive me but it’s been killing me for the longest decade now, that I can’t remember for the life of me what the kids tv show was called and the toy line that shared the name/dinos names from the show. If you examine this picture and zoom in (if possible) to the green stegosaurus and blue triceratops at the bottom. What was that kids tv show (maybe Fox Kids or something else that aired the same time as the Goosebumps tv show & Newt) that these two walking on two feet & talking like dino-humans called again??? Anybody remember that grew up during the early 90’s like myself???

Just as an update, I was thinking that customization would mean you can change the colors of your dinosaurs, but their markings and the vibrancy of that dinosaurs’ colors stay consistent, so there are no neon t rexes. And prohibit slang, numbers, symbols, and curse words when naming your dinosaurs.


Looks like Extreme Dinosaurs

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That’s the name of the t.v. show?? If it helps another t.v. show with the same premise but has completely different characters aired around the same time as this “Extreme Dinosaurs” aired. But it was all kinds of different sharks instead of dinosaurs, but like I said it was exactly the same premise as the Dino show and the sharks talked and stood upright on two feet too. Any ideas??

The shark one was Street Sharks. But those toys you asked about in the pic are from Extreme Dinosaurs

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This is relevant how?

It is relevant for the same reason your post is

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@Faethor_Ferenczy thank you kindly for what you said, I very much appreciate it, truly do. : )

I wish that something I say could eventually be taken seriously, and that my opinion was valued. Can I not make a suggestion for an app game? Or does everyone have to stop all over that too?

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That’s a cool idea, and it would actually require us to be creative. Rather than contribute to humans eventually evolving into mindless lumps of fat like we see in the movie Wal-E. I appreciate you staying with the subject that I have presented

Your idea is fine, but they will have to be predetermined skins

I guess, like in Jurassic world evolution

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