Dinosaur darting practice idea!

How about creating a feature in the game where we can choose a dinosaur (any of the wild obtainable ones) and then practice darting it! We wouldn’t actually get any DNA from doing this, however it would make it so that when we DO encounter something we normally struggle on, we wouldn’t be so rusty!

Though im sure they won’t make this a feature, because they WANT people to fail and get extremely low amounts of DNA so we keep playing longer!


I would love this!

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For some reason the first time I read the subject I misread it as “Dinosaur darting people idea!” :rofl:

I would love to have some dino darting practice for sure! I’m still pretty bad at darting TRex


Yep Trex (and Nodopato) are some of the ones I struggle most on!

However I got super lucky the other day and broke my Trex DNA record by a cool 60! I got 161 DNA in one go! I was so happy :blush:

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That’s what the infinite Iguanadon spawns are for :woman_shrugging:

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I like the idea, but I would rather see them take the escape out of the game first… :speak_no_evil:

It would also give us more to do when there is nothing around but use the scent capsules… wait a minute… I just fingered out why they won’t do that. :thinking: Straight cash homie.

Yeah but darting an Iguanodon is very different to darting a Trex :wink:

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I love the idea of having a “practice” darting options. Some dinos have odd targeting spots and it would be nice to “warm up” for epic dinos to get a better score on those that you rarely see. My gf suggests this all the time and I 100% agree, it would be extremely helpful :+1::clap:

A good way to implement this would be in your dinosaur directory! You choose the dinosaur and a not real map comes up and you dart away!


Yep perfect idea!

I agree, that would be perfect