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Dinosaur Day Gyrosphere

Has anyone tried the Dinosaur Day Gyrosphere yet? It’s got Omega 09 on the front, so i wonder if it’s like the Dodo one we had a while back, and we’re up against bosses?

just tried it , 1st boss is a 8k hp carnivore with about 6k damage , 2nd round is 2 but less hp and damage and the 3rd round is 3 with slightey reduced hp and damage.

so avoid using the herbivores unless its a sacrifice you can afford

Just tried a 2nd time with different dino’s and now the first boss has 10kho an nearly 8k damage.
Managed to beat it and got a Tapejara and a couple hundred dna

Its reallly an easy event once you get how the AI works

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Tried, succeeded. It’s 1 O09, 2 O09, 3 O09 line up, and it’s most definitely not worth spending 100 DBs in.