Dinosaur designs

I idea that i’ve had for a while that i think would be cool is colors and features that discern dino genders apart.

One example i have is with the megaloceros and eulocaderos. I think with the deer species you should be able to have to of the same species. One male(buck), it has the antlers. And a female(doe), that doesnt have any antlers.

There could possibly be some stat changes as well( like in some species of animal where the male is larger and thus more powerful or vice versa)

Another feature is color. In most species of birds,which are dinosaurs closest relatives, the males are brightly colored with intricate feathers.

Please feel free to suggest any ideas or changes you have.290px-Male_and_female_pheasant

The does could be faster, but have less attack damage.
The Megaloceros could have Greater Stunning Impact instead of Decelerating Impact, and the Eucladoceros could have Greater Stunning Rampage.