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Dinosaur digital art

request any dinosaur and i can create a digital art on it


Can you send the photo of how the dinosaurs look

Scaphnoraptor. Scaphonagthus head on an Indoraptor style body.

here it is

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do you want one more

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yours is way better than mine

Or perhaps we could combine the Tanycolagreus with the Tuojiangosaurus but give it the neck spikes from a Bajadasaurus, the tail spikes from a Stegosaurus, and a set of claws from the Velociraptor but make the claws twice as wide and long as a normal Velociraptor, now that would be one very powerful dinosaur with the speed of a raptor, all the spikes from at least 3 different dinos, retaliatory hits from 2 different dinos, with claws that would not only be razor sharp but twice as long & wide as a normal raptor but able to cut through 3 inch thick plate steel as well.!.

If i saw a dinosaur that had all those traits combined coming at me i would run for the hills as fast as my legs could carry me to get away from it lol :scream: :astonished: :scream:

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