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Dinosaur Eggs and Purpose

I’ve been racking my brain for a way to make the addition of dino eggs something worth while, entertaining and useful. I don’t think there needs to be another direct way to get DNA.

Dino eggs would randomly spawn under dinosaurs after you dart them.

What we can do is collect eggs, combine them, like a dino omlette and “make our own specific scents”. That’s the simplistic idea. This also means you need capsule shell. Shells would be an item that can only be obtained in PvP or strike tower incubators incubators. So in order to make your own scent capsules, you have to hunt and you have to fight.

It will take 3 eggs, combined to make a scent. The dinosaurs your scent will attract is based on the specific moves or abilities of the dinosaur eggs you combine.

Example: I will make this simple:
Lets say you combine 3 raptor eggs because you want to attract raptors.
Raptors have 2 moves: Strike and Pounce. This means you have a 50% chance at a dinosaur with Strike and a 50% chance of a dinosaur with Pounce.
Your scent will attract any dinosaur that has strike and pounce, not necessarily a raptor.
You may get raptors but you may get Delta or Charlie or Dracorex or Dracorex Gen 2… even Blue!!! anything that has strike or pounce.

Example 2:
Lets say your working toward Thoradolosaur and need more Allosaurus’s
You combine 3 eggs of Allosaurus which will attract any dinosaur with Defense Shattering Strike and Armor Piercing Impact
With this combination, you have a chance to attract a T-rex because of Defence Shattering Strike.

Last Example:
Lets say I want more Sinoceratops. I combine 3 eggs of Einiosaurus that has Strike and Greater Stunning Impact.
So the Greater Stunning Impact might get me a Sinoceratops but could get me a Einiosuchus or even a Stegoceratops.

Combining eggs of many different abilities will make what you get very diverse and not anything in particular.

Hope this is a decent idea. I don’t see this as anything that can be exploited by spoofers. You have to dart dinos to get a chance for an egg and battle for the capsule shells. Spawns from these will be random, based on your particular scent. It takes time to do scents.


Nice idea!
Flawed, but interesting!
So I could combine 3 turbo eggs and get a t rex? This could easily be manipulated, but I like the idea.

How about eggs for specific Dino’s. When you get one, it triggers that type of Dino’s maternal instincts and you battle them, progressively stronger (theirs don’t stop at l30) then the last, and in greater numbers, until they wipe out your team. You get some dna for that dino every round you win.

How about they just fix spawns so we don’t need all these fancy scents/special battles just to get the only thing that we really need to play…DNA.

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