Dinosaur Facedown: EP 1

Welcome to dinosaur face down! As the name implies, we will be placing multiple dinosaurs in a single arena, and allow them to clash. We may have normal dinos, or hybrids from JWTG or JWA. So let us begin!

Arena: Marshes
Location: Wisconsin

In terms of science, the Tyrannosaurus rex would easily defeat Spinosarus, as spino is more built for fish hunting. But this spinosaur is modified: its claws can cut through thick metal, it has a slightly thicker head, with much more serrated teeth, designed to shred the enemy on touch. The T.rex we have here today has spikes on its back to protect it, a tough skull sometimes used for ramming into others, and that skull can also carry many heavy things. Let us begin the fight now!

The spinosaurs zipped across the water, ripping everything in sight… No fish or underwater creature will be saved here… But a roaring noise from outside the water Makes the spinosaur intrested in the outside world. Spinosaurus stepped out of the lake, only to find The T.rex eating up its saved prey. The T.rex’s golden eyes instantly see the spino, but the spino only sees the dead version in her eyes. The t.rex immediately Rams into the Spino, knocking her back. That heavy hit made her spit out some blood, but she immediately got back and clawed the t rex everywhere on her head. The spinosaur knocks t rex down and is ready to rip it apart, but rexy whacks her with her VERY strong tail. The spinosaurus is dizzy at the moment… Have you ever wondered how string that t.rex tail is? It can destroy a big rock on hit… And thats just what she did. The smaller bits of rocks collide into spinosaurus, knocking her back even further… Right beside the water. T.rex charges at her, but the spino quickly zooms away. The t.rex falls into the pond, meaning the spino has an advantage. The spino dives in, and swims like a bullet powered by jets. The t.rex is also fast in the water, but the spino knows this place better. T.rex accidentally rams into a piece of land, and knocks her self out. The spinosaurus uses her claws to quickly rip the t.rex, but her tough skin only gave her scars. The spinosaur holds rexy by the neck, and swims up with it. While swimming, rexy gains her consciousness, and kicks spinosaur away. Both reach land now… For a final battle. Rexy charges again, but spino whacks her with her tail, making rexy dizzy again. Spinosaur bites hard on rexys neck, abd unfortunately… The armor wasnt very strong this time. Rexy does not rule all of the land in the end.

I hope you guys enjoyed. Thank you for reading, what should i bring to the arena next time?

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It was fun to read!!!
Maybe next time you would make a fight between monostegops and stegoceratops?