Dinosaur hunting methods


How is everyone hunting Dino DNA?
Driving, walking, have wife drive, etc…
For myself, I drive then pull over to collect the DNA. Sometimes, I have to do a drive by, where I get close enough to release the drone and go find a safe place to park.
But most of the time, I have my wife drive.


I ride my triceratops down the highway shooting arrows at other dinos.


I need to get me a triceratops.


Commute into work (about two hours round trip, so pretty good range and time), commute into the city (40 minutes round trip, roughly), and walking around the city or my neighbourhood.


I walk around my local neighbourhood. If I go around town I cycle. My bike lock coils up nicely to be a convenient phone holder as I bike around.


I walk around my neighborhood or drive around to my local parks when I can.

I wish my wife played. I’d love to just be able to do drive bys.


I take a bus daily, 2* 40 min, in a city area… :smiley: Plenty of dinos!

But I also do go walking outside, I actually prefer some combined exercise and gaming over playing in a car.


I use an Air Board haha


80% of the time I’m hunting, I’m biking all over the place. Few opportunities that I do, i’ll be playing as passenger. I have an efficient technique that I use to hunt, allows me to catch a lot of dinos without them despawning. Say for example two rare dinos of some sort are spread equal distance from one another. What I would do is start to dart the dino by launching the drone, but you don’t dart it just yet. While you have launched the drone, start biking to the next rare dino and remember the location as you won’t be able to see on the map. The minute you dart that dino, you can already start darting your second. What this does is saves you a lot of time, and I have only had a small handful of dinos that I’m targeting to ever despawn. This is the method that I use, even trained myself to dart dinos on a bike mount while semi blind eye darting, and can average 150s+. As long as I know the direction, my fingers just work their magic. Like to be moving at all times :joy:


Towns/city’s, train stations, parks are a good start… I’ve just got back visiting family out in the sticks to this


I work from home, so I now go out walking to get some “cough” dinos “cough” exercise. I’ve got a lovely green recreational area near me that I usually go to. It has 4 of the green event drops so I find it a good place during events. I also tend to walk around a few local streets where I expect some good dinos to turn up.

Today however was very disappointing. Was ready to start grabbing some of the rare dinos popping up at the green drops, so went to the local green rec only to find it taken over by caravans! Way to ruin my afternoon of “cough” dino hunting “cough” exercise! :persevere:


This might be a good place for this question since we are discussing walking vs driving; does anyone know how proximity spawns work? Do you have to be going below a certain speed for them to spawn? I’ve read that a couple times on this forum and my own anecdotal experience seems to feel like I get more proximity spawns when Im walking or moving in slow traffic.


That’s what I do in the car haha… drive past something, press launch, and wait until I stop and then dart it… easy


I do see differences in spawning in driving over walking but miss most of them for obvious safety reasons.


We’re in the car 2+ hours a day, so I play on both our phones while hubby drives. We stop and walk at parks when there are good park dinos, and then drive around in the middle of nowhere at night sometimes looking for raptors.


I’ve had proximity spawns while riding as a passenger in a vehicle traveling 25 mph in town, as well as 60 mph on a state highway. So I don’t think there’s necessarily a speed requirement or limitation that influences proximity spawns.

That being said, I completely agree that it’s safer (and easier) to respond to proximity spawns while traveling at slower speeds or biking/walking.


Good question and hopefully I can help give you a decent answer to your question. I do a lot of hunting while driving. I noticed that while driving, less Dino’s spawn. Not sure if there’s a restriction. But I noticed that the faster I drive, the less Dino’s spawn. Many times, I will pull over at areas that I know tends to spawn epics and relaunch the game. After relaunching the game, there will be Dino’s that weren’t there before. So my trick is occasionally relaunch the game if you’re driving.


weekend walk(1-2 hours) around neighborhood outside my house completing strike event and capture if any rare(mostly utahraptors) shows up. This coming weekend when the new epic out, i’ll drive to the next neighborhood to capture the epics just like the last week Blue and Pyroraptor coz Ludia removed the ones available in my area pre 1.3.


Monday to Friday I go to work with bus (20 minutes) then if I see some interesting dinos I get off the bus one stop before the usual stop that is 10 meters from my work place, to catch those dinos. To come back home, I play as a passenger of my husband. He play too but not so frequently so I catch dinos and if I see a rare or epic one I warn him and it is up to him if launch his drone and park or simply skip them.
Sunday and Saturday I bike in my town or simply catch dino in range of my house, if there are not treasure chests or strike events that will end up before Monday come back. Usually the weekly events for me in Italy end at 14.00 of monday so I can complete them without any rush.