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Dinosaur hybrid #9: Raptogelophus

Raptogelophus Is a super hybrid Between parasauroluphus, Deinonychus, And stegosaurus.

Raptogelophus was one of the Ingen raptor Hybrids That came along with Spinoraptor (Me), Carnoraptor (My enemy), Indoraptor Gen 1 And 2, Utahsinoraptor, Pyrritator, Alloraptor, And more.

Despite having more Herbivore DNA than carnivore DNA, It wasn’t even an omnivore, But a brute carnivore. It had biolomescense, And camouflage. It may seem small, But it’s just a few centimeters from the size of allosaurus. They can jump so High, That Ingen Had To make a glass window that’s over 10 Feet tall. However, Ingen scientists Can enter the raptogelophus Enclosure Any time they want, As they have been treated with care and love, and have been domesticated.

Credits to @Snake_Dude For the art.


Hybrid Idea #10 May be coming today. If it does, we would have our Milestone 10. The creature will be created by @Snake_Dude.

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