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Dinosaur hybrid broken?


Ok so I don’t know if I’m just incredibly unlucky or the feature is broken but when you can fuse two dinosaurs together to create another one you so use large amounts of Dna to get dna for the new dinosaur. However whenever I do it anymore I seem to only get 10 dna. It’s been about the last 20 time where I’ve only got 10dna and it’s from high amounts of other dinosaur dna. I can’t tell if I’m just unlucky or if it actually is a broken feature. Help?


Most of mine have been 10 too.

I have managed 100 at best, but 10 seems way to common a result


You’re just unlucky for that particular period of time. You’ll get it though. You can get up to 60 DNA for it if you just keep at it. Dont give up!


I almost always get 10 but I noticed I got 70 the other day!


Your just unlucky the DNA amount is random sometimes you get 10/20/30 DNA the highest I’ve got so far is 80 But you will get it eventually.


Actually is was broken the other night for sure and seems to be fixed now. Also the highest you can get is 100 for a fuse.


To me what’s broken is that why does the dinos that have the instant invincibility be broken by others dinos I don’t understand that


The other dinosaur may have Shield Breaking ability.


Easy, the opponent either has nullify attack or shield breaking.


Yep, it’s definitely broken. If you consider all the effort gone in to collecting DNA for certain hybrids and to be fobbed off with just 10 DNA, no game developer in their right mind would do that to their player-base…

Minimum should be 20 DNA IMHO


No there shouldn’t be a minimum there should be a set amount. Not everything in the game needs to be RNG and when people equally grind for hybrids they should at least get the same dna for fuses. Completely unfair for someone to get 10 and someone else to get 100 when they’ve put in the same amount of grinding (excluding any buying incubators etc).


Good point. Totally agree!


or you can just simply text me and i help you with your issue in many ways.