Dinosaur Hybrid Facts: Geminititan

InGen Superhybrid File:Geminititan [GE-MI-NI-TI-TAN] “Gemini Titan”
Fused With:Diplodocus+Koolabourgiania(Arambourgiania+Koolasuchus Hybrid)
Location:Isla Nublar
Length:95 Feet
Height:20 Feet
Description:An InGen genetically modified superhybrid. The Geminititan is created with DNA from the pterosaur hybrid Koolabourgiania and the sauropod Diplodocus, and it is also Jurassic World’s first carnivorous sauropod. Inheriting the body structure from the Diplodocus and the head and carnivorous diet from the Koolasuchus, the Geminititan may not appear to have any pterosaur traits, but it has fur-like feathers adpated from the Arambourgiania on the top of its neck, which the Koolabourgiania did not have. If the Koolabourgiania is the “predatory flying fox” of the dinosaur kingdom, then the Geminititan is the cave racer(a species of snake) of the dinosaur kingdom. Because of its colossal size and heavy weight, it does not chase its prey, instead it relies on ambush. It hides in the tall trees while poking its head slightly out of the treetops similar to how crocodiles wait in the water. It lies in wait for any unsuspecting pterosaur to fly near the rainforest canopies, before lunging its neck and snatching it from the air, similar to how modern day racer snakes snatch bats in caves. Like its amphibian ancestor, the Geminititan needs to keep its skin moist, therefore it lives in rainforests and hydrates itself with the help of rain and plants around it.

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Gemini looks like Indoraptor with a sauropod shape and parrot colors.


“Gemini Titan”, huh? :joy:
Anyway, “Gemini” is plural of the Latin word “Geminus”, meaning twin. “Titan” means titanic (the adjective) or giant (again, the adjective).

I always looked at it ironically, since it reminded me of the “twin towers”. Maybe that’s where Gamepress got that name inspiration.

Anyway, “giant twins” sounds pretty weird, so does “titanic twins”.

I invite anyone interested to try and come up with a backstory for that name.

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He’s the secret twin of Smaximus.


Maybe there were originally meant to be two Geminititan created by Ingen, to test for the possiblity to hatch twins in an egg. Then something went wrong and one Geminititan “absorbed the other one”. This caused it to outgrow its expected size, becoming a true Titan.


They used a sauropod because they are more docile than other creatures.

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I love it, although I doubt I’ll ever get used to that name translation.
“Twin giant” sounds better.

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Or,they named it geminititan because it is created using Diplodocus DNA which is one of the largest sauropods and arambourgiania DNA which is one of the largest pterosaurs.
That would explain the name gemini(twin),
It is created using two"Titans"


Gemini is “twins”.
It’s the “giant twins”, not twin giants, but I like your explanation.

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It can also mean twin giants, and anyways, they are just the same thing. They could be twins who are giants, or they could be giants who are twins.

I doubt it. “Gemini” means “twins”, as in the plural of “twin”. And “Titan” is giant the adjective, not the noun, like I specified. The two aren’t interchangeable.

No, but you can swap them back and forth to change the order, but not necessarily the meaning.

Twin giants could mean giants who are twins, or twins who are giants. Giant twins could mean twins who are giants, or giants who are twins. Think about it.

So giant twin would mean that it is a giant who is a twin, and twin giants would mean that they are twins who are giant(the adjective). They could still share a mind, since they are absorbed, so they are still technically twins, and are giant. Maybe because they share one mind, they often act irrationally.

In the latter part of the sentence, you used “giant” the noun. You changed the meaning.

Maybe if you used the word “gigantic” it would be easier to understand what I’m saying, since gigantic isn’t also a noun.
Gigantic twins makes sense, but twins gigantic does not.

Me brain: …


I’m so sorry, I can’t think right either. Too much thinking, I got a headache.