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Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 1 Purutaurus vs. Purrolyth

My first Dinosaur Hybrid Face off. First battle

Purutaurus vs. Purrolyth

Purutaurus Stats:

Size: 30 feet
Weight: 7,500 Ibs
Diet: Carnivore
Bite Force: 4 tons
Intelligence: 85 %

Purrolyth Stats:
Size: 30 feet
Weight: 4,500 Ibs
Diet: Carnivore
Bite Force: 1 ton
Intelligence: 50 %

The Fight:

The Purutaurus is walking through a Forest, it the steps onto an open field, and sees a Purrolyth feeding on a dead Paramoloch that it killed. The Purutaurus rushes at the Purrolyth, seeing it as an intruder in it’s territory. The Purrolyth sees the Purutaurus and notices that this place is the Purutaurus’ territory. The Purrolyth tries to take it over and swiping at the Purutaurus and manages to hit four times. The Purutaurus retaliates with a single hard swipe, knocking the Purrolyth down. The Purrolyth recovers and pounces on the Purutaurus back and manages to get a bite. The Purutaurus immediately shakes the Purrolyth off like a ragdoll. The Purutaurus holds the Purrolyth down and gives it a deadly bite the the neck, finishing the Purrolyth at once. The Purutaurus then stays in it’s territory, and rests for now

Winner: Purutaurus

Next: Geminititan vs. Thoradolosaurus


I am pretty sure the purrolyth would have a stronger bite force being part croc

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Both of em are part croc(caiman to be spesific), hell they’re made of the same one

well i forgot abt that. I just checked and apparently carno had a slighty better bite force then lythronax. SO my bad

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Tbh i honetly thought that lythornax would have a stronger one since it is a tyrranosaurid so i thought like hey maybe purru would have a stronger one but ye so purrurautus has a stronger one

I do Stick Figure animations, if you would like me to animate this fight, just let me know. :3

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Yes. Please do so! It would be awesome to see an actual fight

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I do think purrolyth would win but this is still good