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Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 10 Sarcorixis vs. Spinoconstrictor

Here’s # 10, Sarcorixis vs. Spinoconstrictor

Sarcorixis Stats:

Size: 50 feet
Weight: 6 tons
Diet: Carnivore
Bite Force: 12 Tons

Spinoconstrictor Stats:

Size: 85 feet
Weight: 3.75 tons
Diet: Carnivore
Bite Force: 600 Psi

The Sarcorixis was patrolling the river bed. The Sarcorixis spots something beneath the river bed. It sees spines coming out of it, which appears to be assuming prey. The Sarcorixis bites it, and suddenly, the Spinoconstrictor comes out of the mud, and freaks out, trying to escape the Sarcorixis’ grip. The Sarcorixis let’s go and the two reptiles face off. The Spinoconstrictor retaliates with a bite to the Sarcorixis’ head. The Sarcorixis also bites the Spinoconstrictor in the head, but the Spinoconstrictor immediately escapes the grip. The Spinoconstrictor constricts the Sarcorixis, and bites it in the neck, and then pulls it’s mouth, and it’s teeth scratch across the Sarcorixis’ neck, and the Sarcorixis dies. The Spinoconstrictor then lets go and burries itself in the river bed again.

Winner: Spinoconstrictor

Next Battle: Dilophoboa vs. Tryostronix


Eyyyyyyy why did I ever doubt my strong self? lol


I really hope you did suchotator vs majundasuchus

Lesson of the day: Never defy a book by it’s cover


phoboa vs tryo hmmm, i’m thinking tryo wins

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Some ideas for later 1vs1s maxi vs tryko, dio vs spyx, mag vs dom, indo vs smilonem

Sarcorixis with a 12 ton bite

How did spinocon not die lol?


The major/vital organs might have been avoided. Idk


Plus sarco has armor and spike arround his body

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