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Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 11 Dilophoboa vs. Tryostronix

Here’s # 11, Dilophoboa vs. Tryostronix

Dilophoboa Stats:
Dilophoboa_JWA_Render (1)
Size: 70 feet
Weight: 3 tons
Diet: Carnivore
Bite Force: 500 Psi

Tryostronix Stats:

Size: 28 feet
Weight: 3,800 Ibs
Diet: Carnivore
Bite Force: 1000 Psi

The Dilophoboa is trying to find a place to rest, he sees a tree, so he climbs up the tree, and sleeps in it. The Tryostronix sees the Dilophoboa sleeping, and grabs him right from the tree. The Dilophoboa manages to escape, but with a few scars. The Tryostronix bites the Dilophoboa on the tail, but eventually loses grip of him. The Dilophoboa retaliates by spitting venom, and it gets a direct hit in the Tryostronix’s eyes, blinding it. The Dilophoboa constricts the Tryostronix and bites it in the neck and chokes it to death. With the Tryostronix dead, the Dilophoboa can now continue sleeping in his tree.

Winner: Dilophoboa

Next Battle: Majundaboa vs. Mammotherium


Please i just wanted a majundasuchus vs suchotator fight

I was very split between choosing my fav designed creature in game or my own parent


Each time i try to do one of these fight my post keep getting flagged for"derailing topic"when i just wanted to do by miself because you won’t listen

He’s already planned out every battle I think

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So that means there is no room for request?

It was tough

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Im so sad and dissapointed by the fact that no one will make a suchotator vs majundasuxhus battke anytime soon