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Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 12 Majundaboa vs. Mammotherium

Here’s # 12, Majundaboa vs. Mammotherium

Majundaboa Stats:
JWA_PressKit_Majundaboa (1)
Size: 60
Weight: 2.5 tons
Diet: Carnivore
Bite Force: 1000 Psi

Mammotherium Stats:
JWA_PressKit_Mammotherium (1)
Size: 20 feet
Weight: 11 tons
Diet: Herbivore

A Mammotherium is grazing, eating any green grass it can find. A Majundaboa is cautiously stalking the Mammotherium. The Majundaboa strikes and bites the Mammotherium in the head. The Mammotherium retaliates with several horn thrusts, and the Majundaboa escapes from the rapid horn thrusting. The Mammotherium starts charging and the Majundaboa constricts him. But it wasn’t enough to tire this big animal. The Mammotherium steps onto the Majundaboa coils, injuring her, he then impales her with Amis horn, and removed her, and continues grazing

Winner: Mammotherium

Next Battle: Utahsinoraptor vs. Pyrritator


Anyone else able to sorta guess the mammoth would win?


If Majungaboa avoids the horns, the Mammothierium would die.

don’t really know how, I think that it has a less chance of winning than the mammotherium does since it would have thick skin and bulk on its side unlike the boa. I think the boa would have to use its teeth and horns to try to win but I don’t think it would win a lot since it may not do much damage