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Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 13 Utahsinoraptor vs. Pyrritator

Here’s # 13, Utahsinoraptor vs. Pyrritator


Size: 25 feet
Weight: 2300 Ibs
Diet: Carnivore
Bite Force: 1100 Psi


Size: 20 feet
Weight: 1100 Ibs
Diet: Carnivore
Bite Force: 700 Psi

The Utahsinoraptor is walking into an open field. And notices a Pyrritator feeding on a dead Dracoceratops. The Utahsinoraptor investigates and the Pyrritator responds and the Pyrritator leaps onto the Utahsinoraptor’s back and starts slashing at it, leaving several scars. The Utahsinoraptor shakes the Pyrritator off, knocking it the ground. The Pyrritator recovers and lashes at the the Utahsinoraptor again, but in the face. The Utahsinoraptor retaliates with a
lacerate across the chest, causing major to the Pyrritator. The Utahsinoraptor then finishes the Pyrritator off with a neck bite. The Utahsinoraptor then calls in victory

Winner: Utahsinoraptor

Next Battle: Alloraptor vs. Quetzorion


Nice fight :clap:

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Why do I feel like my baby orion is gonna lose?

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Why does this series stopped?