Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 14 Alloraptor vs. Quetzorion

Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 14 Alloraptor vs. Quetzorion

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Height: 9 Feet
Length: 21 Feet
Weight: 1,850 Pounds
Bite Force: 2,200 tons


Height: 13 Ft
Length: 24 Ft
Weight: 2 Tons
Bite Force: 1,750 Pounds

The Battlefield:

The Fight:
The Alloraptor and the Quetzorion stare eachother down. The Alloraptor makes the first lunge, and starts scratching the Quetzorion on the back, but the Quetzorion manages to shake it off, and kicks the Alloraptor as hard as it could, both Dinosaurs recover. The Quetzorion charges and pecks the Alloraptor on the back twice, but the Alloraptor refuses to get pecked to death, and dodges the third peck. The Alloraptor recovers and slashes the Quetzorion in the left eye, blinding it, but the Quetzorion is still able to see in the right eye, and fixates on the Alloraptor and smacks it down with it’s tail. The Alloraptor recovers once more, but this time, it slashes in the stomach, the Quetzorion falls to the ground, and the Alloraptor bites the Quetzorion in the neck, killing it. The Alloraptor then decides to feed on the Quetzorion.


Now, this was interesting.

The Alloraptor was a lot faster than the Quetzorion, and as well as being more agile and Had a stronger bite force. Meanwhile, the Quetzorion was less agile, and had very low stamina.

And while it’s true that the Quetzorion was Taller, Longer, and Weighed more, the Alloraptor had more experience in fighting.

The Alloraptor had the hybrid of a Velociraptor and Allosaurus which are both expert Hunter.

Meanwhile, with the DNA of a Quetzalcoatlus, Quetzorion didn’t really have to kill that many dinosaurs, because all what it has to do is find a dead dinosaur which it can feast on.

And that’s the difference between these two:

One is a hunter, and the other is a scavenger.

The Quetzorion was fighting it’s hardest, but the Alloraptor’s Hunting skills, Intelligence, Speed, and Agility gave it the win

The Alloraptor wins

Coming up: Dodocevia vs. Allodrigues


Probably allodrigues will win because of it being part theropod

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How does this make Orion lose though? Orion is a decent amount larger than Alloraptor, and just because an animal is a scavenger doesn’t mean it’s worse at defending itself than a predator. A cheetah wouldn’t beat a hyena in a fight just because it hunts prey over scavenging. Also, Orion is literally double to size of Alloraptor, so even if the Alloraptor was faster, more agile, and more intelligent, all it really takes is a good kick or blow from Orion to defeat it.


Sniffs I raised that raptor. So proud of him.


Finally someone who understands that scavengers aren’t weak


Did you just forget that Tanycolagreus and Pteranodon are also hunters? And just because an animal is a scavenger doesn’t mean that it can’t defend itself, and Orion had the better chances to win as it had more feats at its disposal, mainly size and power. This battle seems biased.


It was one fight

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No it’s not

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plus Azdarchids most likely hunted baby sauropods and are currently theorized to have a similar lifestyle to storks

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op forgot quetz doesn’t have Rex arms :skull:

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I would agree…on the example only though, but not in the context of its use. A cheetah for instance is much weaker than a hyena in almost every aspect except straight line speed. However, hyena’s actually have higher acceleration than cheetahs, are smarter and more powerful. So, though one should never underestimate scavengers (which btw the cheetah is at well, so your example actually proves the point there), you need to factor in that if one of the challengers technically only wins in one category and loses in all the rest, they will only come out on top when they’re extremely lucky or the opposing side makes a mistake.