Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 15 Dodocevia vs. Allodrigues

Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 15 Dodocevia vs. Allodrigues


Height: 3 feet

Weight: 51 lbs


Height: 2.1 feet

Weight: 62 lbs

The Battlefield:

The Dodocevia confronts the Allodrigues, who was just resting in his den. The Dodocevia squawks at the Allodrigues, as a reminder to learn it’s place. The Allodrigues gets up, refusing to allow the Dodocevia to take his home. The Allodrigues rushes and grabs the Dodocevia on the leg, and it’s beak leaves a huge scar on the Dodocevia’s leg. The Dodocevia grabs the Allodrigues by the neck, but the Allodrigues holds his ground, and uses his weight to push the Dodocevia back. The two bird-dinosaur hybrids start pecking at eachother. The Dodocevia kicks the Allodrigues in the stomach, but the Allodrigues wasn’t knocked down. The Allodrigues kicks the Dodocevia in the head, knocking it to the ground. The Allodrigues then pecks the Dodocevia’s left eye out. The Dodocevia then starts Squawking in pain. The Allodrigues finishes the fight by grabbing the Dodocevia by the neck, and starts tearing it, literally pulling out the Dodocevia’s esophagus. The Allodrigues then returns to it’s den and goes back to sleep.


These to bird-dinosaur hybrids, are evenly well matched. However, the Allodrigues has the edge, because it’s heavier, and has Theropod DNA which would make it more aggressive.

The Allodrigues Wins

Coming up: Argenteryx vs. Coelhaast


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