Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 17 Dakotanops vs. Monolometrodon

Dinosaur Hyrbid Face Off # 17 Dakotanops vs. Monolometrodon


Length: 10 feet

Weight: 1,000 lbs


Length: 11.5 feet

Weight: 575 lbs

The Monolometrodon makes it’s way to a river. And the Dakotanops walks over to get a drink. The Monolometrodon takes the Dakotanops as a threat rushes over to attack, but the Dakotanops leaps into the river and swims across. The Monolometrodon heads into the river, and follows. The Monolometrodon bites the Dakotanops on the side, and tries to shake it around, but the Dakotanops uses his weight to hold himself down, and scratches the Monolometrodon in the face. The Dakotanops then bites the Monolometrodon in the head, and keeps a distance from the Monolometrodon horn-like crest. The Dakotanops then bites and snaps the Monolometrodon’s neck, the Dakotanops then leaves the Monolometrodon, and goes back to the river.


The Dakotanops definitely had the skill to beat the Monolometrodon. The Dakotanops longer legs make it a lot faster, and more agile. While it’s true that the Monolometrodon has a horn-like crest on it’s nose, it wouldn’t really use it for Fighting, like how Monolophosaurus never used it’s crest for fight. And the Dakotanops has a stronger bite force and would inflict more damage.

The Dakotanops Wins

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